乐山沫若中学 高2012级1班
例:it's so nice to hear from her again___. We last met more than thirty years ago.
A.What's more B.That's to say C.In other words D.Believe it or not
答案是 D。
21. In China, ____car is getting to be___ popular means of transportation.
A.the;a B.а;不填 C.the;the D.a;the
22. You should think___ yourself instead of just obeying others.
A.of B.to C.by D.for
23. I ____with my uncle and aunt because my parents have gone abroad for a holiday.
A.stayed B.am staying C.have stayed D.was staying
24. The high standard of the nation's literature and art___ widespread attention.
A.was attracted B.have attracted C.has attracted D.has been attracted
25-Is it his left kidney(肾)___ Tian Shi-guo donated(捐献) to his mother?
-Yes. The kidney saved his mother and is expected to extend her life for 15 years.
A.which B.that C.what D.where
26. Among the 15-year-old children, some____ be studying in university while others are still learning to read and write.
A.should B.would C.can D.must
27. The teacher has a peculiar way of___ her students' nervousness when they speak English.
A.btesking down B.going over C.taking off D.giving away
28. ____such heavy loss, the businessman didn't have the courage to go on.
A.Having suffered B.Suffering C.To suffer D.Suffered
29. Next winter, ____ I'll stay in Harbin, will surely be another exciting holiday.
A.which B.when C.that D.where
30. -Have you read this book?
-Yes. But that one is___ worth reading. I suggest you read it if you have time.
A.best B.well C.better D.more
31. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars___road conditions need to he improved.
A.that B.which C.where D.when
32. I ____ yoa not to quit your job now, where can you find a boiler one?
A.was telling B.tell C.told D.had told
33. When first____ to the market, the toys didn't attract much attention.
A.introducing B.intieduced C.was introduced D.being introduced
34. 1 have kept that photo ____I can see it every day ,as it reminds me of my university days in London.
A.which B.when C.whether D.where
35. At___ time does the salesgirl get up late in the morning. Slie is too busy to take a good rest.
A.no B.any C.each D.one
Home, sweet home
It was December 22.
The bitter wind swept the countless snowflakes across my front yard.
My dad was there sweeping the_36.
His nose was red as a cherry.
With every breath he took, a white puff_37 into the air.
Inside, my mother was38 the last of the boxes.
As I entered the front door, the39 that aftertoday I wouldn't enter through that door ever again_40 a hole in my stomach.
I picked up my dog and sat Indian style with him in my lap on the_41, wooden floor.
I had no_42 but to sit on the floor, for there was no longer any furniture occupying my house.
I sat there om a daze(恍惚), just_43.
There was no reason for my parents lo make me, a once_44 12-year-old kid, _45. I had two best friends light across the street; I did well in school and I always kept my room cean.
_46, this was "my house".
By no means did I want a couple of_47 living here.
These recurring(重复) thoughts_48, around in my mind and I couldn't find an answer.
Out of the front window I could see the orange top of atmek pulling in the cleaned driveway and I knew it was the other U-Haul.
Instantly three men came_49 in the back door like World War III was! Starting.
I watched_50 as the men, my mother and my dad loaded the trunk.
My dog even winced(畏缩) as he stared out of the window.
I wondered if he was_51, too, or if he just wished to play outside in the snow.
My mum came in, looking solemn(凝重) for my sake, I imagined.
She turned_52 the oveiheadlight, put the_53 in my arm and look me out of the back door.
A totally_54 feling filled my heart. 
For the first time in my life.
I wondered what_55 would be to me tomorrow.
36.A.stairs B.garden C.sidewalk D.driveway
37.A.escaped B.flew C.rose D.flowed
38.A.piling B.packing C.collecting D.locking
39.A.idea B.dream C.thought D.worry
40.A.cut B.burned C.shot D.made
41.A.cold B.wet C.broken D.messy
42.A.choice B.way C.solution D.means
43.A.dreaming B.thinking C.staring D.crying
44.A.diligent B.clever C.happy D.honest .
45.A.remain B.cry C.suffer D.move
46.A.However B.Besides C.Therefore D.Yet
47.A.neighbours B.strangers C.visitors D.elders
48.A.came B.traveled C.danced D.flowed
49.A.running B.laughing C.talking D.whistling
50.A.curiously B.motionlessly C.carefully D.helplessly
51.A.afraid B.angry C.sad D.lonely
52.A.down B.off C.on D.up
53.A.hox B.dog C.bag D.hand
54.A.excited B.eager C.empty D.mixed
55.A.life B.school C.home D.world
Christopher Rceve(1952-2004) was an American actor, famous for his film portrayal of Superman.
Reeve was born in New York City and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974, after which he wasselected to study at Juilliard School of Performing Arts imader John Houseman.
Reeve worked on the stage, as well as on the soap opera Loxe of Life, until he was selected to play the role of the Superman in 1978.
This film was a great success and inspired three sequels (续集).
Ironically, this was the kind of part Reeve usually looked down upon.
He was a stage actor at heart who preferred doing classical period plays and films that really required him to "act." He once said, "I want to challenge myself in my roles, net nm around on screen with a machine gun. "
In 1980, Reeve starred in Somewhere in Time. a time travel romance.
Although this film was not popular at the time it was released, it has since enjoyed a nationwide "cult" following, especially among college students.
In 1984, Reeve won critical cheers for his role as a 19th century southern lawyer in The Bostonians.
On May 27,1995, Reeve was paralyzed(瘫痪) from the neck down after being thrown fron his horseand largely retired from the production of films after his paralysis.
With his wife Dana,he opened the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center, devoted to teaching paralyzed people to live moreindependently.
56. According to the passage, we can get the conclusion that the playLove of Life___.
A.gained a great success
B.changed Reeve's life completely
C.is just a relaxation for most audience
D.talks about serious political problems
57. The underlined part in the third paragraph shows that Reeve___.
A.enjoyed different kinds of roles related to high technology
B.did not like to play the role of the Superman because of the danger
C.was an ambitious actor who intended to play all kinds of characters
D.was a peace _loving man. who hales weapons and all the military actions
58. The word "cult" in the fourth paragraph probably means
A.popular fashion B.lovely and interesting
C.of the present time D.bad tempered dog
59. On May 27, 1995, Reeve__.
A.acted out the role of a lawyer in The Bostonians
B.fell down during the horse -tiring and became paralyzed
C.won critical cheers for Ins performance in Somewherein Time
D.opened the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center
Beijing-Beijing is to spend up to US $20 billion to change the Chinese capital into a 21st centuryone for the 2008 Olympics.
The government managed to host the 2008 games.
The general aim is for Beijing to have the same environmental standards as Paris, London or Washington by 2008.
Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent to pipe natural gas to the city's home, taking away dirty coal burning gradually while 60,000 buses will be changed to liquefied gas.
The money also will be used for relocating the polluting factories and building green belts.
By 2008 around 90 percent to Beijing's waste will be treated, compared to only 40 percent at present.
Olympic officials have already announced that around 50 large projects are being-dealt with to improve traffic congestion and cut down pollution.
They include construction of Beijing's first light railway, a 40.5-kilometer line which is expected to be completed in 2005.
Beijing besides, plans to build an 82.25-kiometer-long subway to add to the existing 53 kilemetres.
Nine major roads will be rebuilt or widened.
Beijing also plans to build a 70_meler_wide green belt along the waterways to protect water quality as well as increase the green areas.
60. The government will pipe natural gas to the city's home in order to____.    A.solve the problem of being short of fuel
B.bring down the cost of daily life
C.reduce the pollution of our capital
D.keep up with the development of modem society
61. From the last three pmalgaphs we know the fact that____.
A.lengthening the existing 53-kilmoneter subwasy is among the 50 large projects
B.a 40.5-kilommeter line will be added to Beijing's flint light railway
C.the length of the subway will be up to 135.25 kilometras in 2005
D.a 70-meter-wide green belt will supply us with enough water
62. Which of the following is true accowding to the passage?
A.The environment of London is better than Toronto.
B.In the first paragraph "a 21st center one" refers to a modem and advanced
C.Beijing is badly polluted mainly by coal burning.
D.Liquefied gas is more expensive than petrol.
63. This news report mainly talks about ____.
A.how Beijing is becoming a 21st centuy city
B.how many projects are being dealt with to improve traffic of Beijing
C.how Beijing is being built into frit class Olympic host city
D.the use of the 20 billion US dollars
"Acid rain"(酸雨)is a broad term used to describe several ways that acids fall out of the atmosphere, which has two parts: wet and dry.
Wet deposition (沉淀物) refers lo acidic rain, fog, and snow.
As this acidic water flows over and through the ground, it affects a variety of plants and animals.
The strength of the effects depend on many factors, including how acidic the water is, the chemistry and buffering capacity (缓冲力) of thie soils involved, and the types of fish, trees, and other living things that rely on the water.
Dry deposition refexs lo acidic gases and particles.
About half of the acidity in the ammsphere falls back to earth through dry deposition.
The wind blows these acidic particles and gases onto buildings homes, and trees.
Dry deposited gases and particles can also be washed from trees and other surfse by rainstorms.
When that happens, the runoff water adds those acids to the acid rain, making the combi nation more acidic than the falling rain alone.
Strong winds blow the compounds that cause both wet and dry acid deposition across state and national borders over hundreds of miles.
Scientists discovered, and have proved, that sulfur dioxide(SO2) are the and nitrogen oxides(OX2) main causes of acid rain.
In the US, about 2/3 of all S02 and 1/4 of all NO, comes from electric power generation that relies on burning fuels like coal.
Acid rain occurs when these gases react(反应) in the atmosphere with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form various acidic compounds.
Sunlight increases the rate of most of these reactions the result is a mild solution of sulfurie acid and nitric acid.
64. "Wet deposition" includes___.
A.gases and particles
B.acid rain and fog
C.acid rain and clouds
D.snow and wind
65.As we know from the passage, buffering capacity of the soil would affect___.
A.how acidic the water is
B.the furming of the acid rain
C.the strength of the effect of the acid
D.the quality of the amlosphere
66. Acidic gases and particles are___.
A.acidity in the atmosphere
B.acida falling out of the atmosphere
C.the chemist, v/and buffering capacity of the soils involved
D.two main factors of the day deposition
67. According to the passage, buildings, ears, homes, and trees would possibly be polluted by the acid rain with the help of __
A.gas B.snow C.wind D.human beings
"It was all his own idea," says Pat Peters, the 38-year-old wife of Palo Alto, California high school football coach Bob Peters,39.
Bob had just drawn up a "mothethood contract" (合同) stating that for 70 days this summer he would take over the care and feeding of their four children, plus all housework.
Although he didn't even know how to make coffee when he signed, he was quite sure that he could make it.
(He thought the experience would make a good book.)
After 40 of the 70 days, he was ready to give up. "I was completely beaten down," admits Peters.
Three weeks later, he spoke to the local press (also part of the contract), stating,"
Not only is motherhooda difficult task, not only is it never-ending, it is an impossible job for я normal human being."
Bob and Pat were high school sweethearts.
After they were married in 1980, she worked as asecretary to help put him through university.
Since then Bob has been the football and wrestling coach at Palo Aho's Cubberley High School while Pat raised the kids.
Then two years ago Pat went back to work as a secretary at Cubberley. "I had been around children so much", she complains, "I couldn't talk to a grown-up."
She continued to nm the household, however, until Bob signed the contract, whereupon she decided to relax and enjoy it.
Although Peters had asked for help from his school's home economics teachers and head of the cafeteria(食堂), his meals were sometimes a disaster.
"1 tried to slip the butter I'd forgotten under the eggs after they were frying," he says.
For the last three weeks, the family ate out a lot-sometimes having Macdonald's hamburgers for lunch and dinner.
As for housekeeping, a home economics teacher had told Bob that a room always looks clean if the bed is made. "I found an easier way-I shot the doors," he says.
Sonn the kids were wearing the same clothes for a week.
"I made them wear their shirts inside out, and when we went to pick up Pat at work, they turned the right side out so they would look clean."
Now that Bob has publicly admitted he was wrong, he is sharing the child- raising and housework with Pat.
The title of his book about the summer is taken from something that he shouted at the kids one day.
68. The couple signed the contract because __
A.Pat complained a lot about doing the housework all by herself
B.Bob loved taking care of kids and wanted his wife to have a good rest
C.they agreed that husband and wite should share housework
D.Bob thought it's easy to take care of the family and needed the experience for a book
69. What can we learn about Pat Peters?
A.She was hardworking and selfless.
B.She was pretty and kind - hearted.
C.She was tired of the child-raising and housework.
D.She did not love Bob any more.
70. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
A.Bob tried to keep his children's clothes clean.
B.Bob tried to cook good meals for his kids.
C.Bob kequently took his kids out to eat because he was too busy at work.
D.Bob helped his kids to make their beds clesn and tidy.
71. Which of the following may be the title of Bob's book about the sumner?
A.My Experience of Being a Mother
B.I'm Proud of You An, My Dear!
C.Wait till Your Mother Gets Home!
D Motherhood: an Impossible Job for Anyone
Dear Editor,
When a new school term is about to begin, perhaps we should reconsider the matter of examinations.
In July, two writers praised the cancellation (取消) of exams because they believe "Tests don't tell the whole story".
As a teacher who has worked in four countries, I have had the experience that a student who earns good marks is generally a good student, and that a student's final mark in a subject is usually a grade average of the year's work. Of course there are exceptions, but they do not have the frequency that would give an unfair picture of a student's ability.
The simple fact is that pwroer class work, diligent exam studies, and good marksare almost certain indications(指示) of a student's future performance.
The opposite is, almost certainly, incompetence.
There is no acceptable substitute for competition of quality.
How can teachers and future officials determine what a student has learned and rermebere?
Should we simply take the student's mark for it?
Any institution that "liheraes" smdents from fair and form, al exams is misguided, if not ignorant(无知), and surely the "graduates" of such institutions will lack trustworthiness(信赖), not to mention being rejected by foreign universities for graduates or other studies.
When all is said and done, I sense that a fear of failure and a fear of unpleasant comparion with others are at the botton of most of ban-exam talks.
Excellence and quality fear nothing.
On the contrary, they seek competition and desire the satisfaction of being the best.
I'd like yon to consider my opinion and give some guidance.
Yours truly, Li Hong
72. According to the writer, a student's final mark__.
A.is often confusing
B.can only tell whether he likes the subject or not
C.can largely reflect his normal anademic level
D.often proves unreliable
73. The two writers mentioned in the first paragraph
A.seem to be worried about their students' poor marks
B.are in favour of another way to test their students
C.agree with the idea of cancelling exams
D.think that exams only make students suffer
74. Which of the following may be the writer's opinion?
A.Exams are an effective measure to test a student's ability.
B.The ways other than exams are better to test a student's ability.
C.No better way than exams can actually get a student to learn.
D.A student's ability cannot be measured only by exam results.
75. According to the writer, those who are against exams__.
A.are failures of exams
B.are poor students
C.are not qualified teachers
D.have no confidence in comnpetifion


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