乐山沫若中学 高2012级1班
21.-Is Mr Stephen in, please? He____ me.
-Yes, sir, in the meeting room.
A.was expecting
B.has expected
D.is expecting
22. About 170 people ____ and dozens more ____ after a flood hit an Indonesian
town last week.
A.were killed;are still missing
B.have been killed;were still missing
C.are killed;are still missing
D.had been killed;were still missing
23. -My car started up at last.
-You should have it repaired____ it's working now.
A.as long as
B.as though
C.even though
D.in case
24. What is it about a treeless, dusty, old city like St. Samothene____ makes people
love it so much?
25. "Where are we now?" ____ few minutes one of the children asked their
headmaster the same question.
26. -How much shall I pay for the phone call?
-You____. This is free of charge.
C.don't have to
27. Kids talk frequently about what they can do, ___ many adults do the opposite,
tending to talk about what they can't and why.
28. The officials have ____ the time and money needed to complete the project.
A.carried out
B.figured out
C.taken out
D.turned out
29. -That's me when I got married. See what I look like now!
-Why not go on a diet to get into ____.
30. I have kept that picture ____ I can see it every day as it always reminds me of my
slay in the country.
A.in which
31. In no country ____ Britain, as has been said, can one experience four seasons in a
single day.
A.rather than
B.other than
C.more than
D.better than
32. Who did the teacher have ____ an article for the wall newspaper just now?
D.to write
33. The careless driver is____ for the traffic accident that____ yesterday.
A.to blame;happened
B.to blame; was happening
C.to be blamed; was happened
D.to be blamed; happened
34. ____ for the worst in advance and you won't be disappointed.
B.When preparing
C.Having prepared
D.If you prepare
35.-Could I make it May 6th?
A.You can manage it.
B.That's fine with me.
C.Not a bit of it.
D.Go ahead with it.
The car, running along the well-lit road, now sank in darkness, I broke the_36 on purpose, _37 that the driver was too tired to drive.
"When do you go back home in the evening?"
"9 o'clock after this_38."
"Then when do you come out in the morning?" I_39 another question.
"9 o'clock, too-just as if I worked at an office." His_40 surprised me, because every time I ride a taxi, what I_41 from the driver are only complaints that they have to work from morning till night, it's hard to earn money, they're often_42 by the police, or that their leaders are seated lazy, _43 the fruits.
But this driver told me, "I find it_44 to be a section chief as I was before.
So I earn two or three thousand Yuan a month with ease.
Yes, I never_47 an empty taxi.
If it goes southward, I go northward.
If it goes along a_48, I turn into a narrow street..."
His words showed his49 with his life and the pride he_50 in his job.
Such feelings are so rare among people nowadays as oxygen in high_51.
As an ancient saying goes, "Neither joy in material_52 nor grieve over personal setbacks."
How many people nowadays can show high ideals by_53 living and go far with a calm mind?
I couldn't help feeling_54 when finding such a state of mind in a stranger on a cold  _55.
36.A.window B.stillness C.silence D.quietness
37.A.on condition B.for fear C.in belief D.in order
38.A.night B.trip C.cycle D.process
39.A.threw out B.gave away C.made up D.led to
40.A.character B.confidence C.explanation D.easiness
41.A.suffer B.request C.benefit D.hear
42.A.detected B.ordered C.fined D.seized
43.A.keeping B.tasting C.enjoying D.choosing
44.A.exciting B.disappointing C.tiring D.amazing
45.A.freedom B.pleasure C.hobby D.company
46.A.without B.with C.behind D.beside
47.A.follow B.admire C.envy D.meet
48.A.route B.path C.railway D.highway
49.A.intelligence B.satisfaction C.competition D.honesty
50.A.made B.held C.caught D.took
51.A.buildings B.mountains C.standard  D.heaven
52.A.gains B.concerns C.supports D.loss
53.A.special B.happy C.simple D.original
54.A.angry B.content C.dangerous D.curious
55.A.morning B.night C.moment D.season
Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Equivalency Diploma (GED) Preparation
The Adult Basic Education Department serves a huge population of learners.
Our task is to teach basic skills and help learners to get more knowledge to function effectively as a family member, citizen, worker, and lifelong learner in a changing world.
ABE is a non-credit program of self-improvement designed to improve basic skills for students who are of different educational levels.
Development of reading, writing, and math skills are paid special attention to, as well as life skills, employability, and technology.
Students without a high school diploma (文凭) also have the opportunity to prepare for the GED exams in the five subject areas: writing, social studies, science, literature, and math.
Prerequisites (条件)
ABE classes are open to anyone 18 or over who desires to improve basic reading, writing, and math skills at the pre-college level.
Students who are 16 or 17 must first obtain an official release (证书) from high school before attending class.
To be accepted, students must attend an Educational Planning Session.
During the Educational Planning Session students will be given an overview of the ABE programs as well as PCC policies, tees, etc.
Students will also have their reading, writing,, and math abilities assessed(评估)during the Educational Planning Session.
The results of their assessments will help the teachers develop individual programs of study for students to guide them toward their personal goals.
Students needing special help must get in touch with the Office for Students with Disabilities(503-977-4341) at least two weeks before the session is held.
ABE 0741 Beginning Literacy
ABE 0742 Beginning
ABE 0743 Intermediate I
ABE 0744 Intermediate II
ABE 0745 Secondary I
ABE 0746 Secondary II (Includes preparation for the GED Test)
56. The ABE Department serves an aim to____.
A.provide learners with basic knowledge and skills to fit in with society
B.help learners successfully gel a job in a changing world
C.offer diplomas to those who fail to finish secondary education
D.provide students with opportunities lo prepare for the GED exams
57. A 17-year-old student is not accepted to ABE classes only because he___.
A.is below eighteen
B.can't offer a high school diploma
C.has left school without official permission
D.is assessed as poor in learning performances
58. What is the Education Planning Session intended for?
A.An assessment of students' basic skill levels.
B.Helping students be better at the four basic skills.
C.Finding out whether they can be accepted to ABE classes.
D.Providing special help to disabled students.
59.Different courses are offered to different students according to__.
A.their own choices
B.the assessments during the Education Planning Session
C.their performances in school
D.how much they pay for the courses
He may not be the world's wealthiest endorser (代言人) , but he is certainly one of the tallest.
That 2. 26-metre height has helped NBA All-Star Yao Ming on the basketball court and in marketing deals.
The Chinese centre for the Houston Rockets has already appeared in TV spots for Visa and Apple and he just signed a deal for commercials for Gatorade, the sports drink.
His quick rise has surprised some marketing experts, because many expected Yao's court skills—and his status as a product endorser-to lake time.
"All of a sudden, he's all over the place," said Bob Dorfman, creative executive director for San Francisco-based Pickett Advertising.
"I think it's a little bit of a surprise to see how comfortable he is on camera and how charming he is without being able to speak more than a few sentences of English.
Ric Iverson, the vice president of sales for Harbrew, a beer importer (进口商) and agent in New York, said he was in Houston in June for a restaurant trade show, which took place the same week as the NBA player pick.
A Houston radio station was throwing a party at a local bar, so Iverson gave them several cases of China's Yanjing beer, for which Harbrew is the only US importer.
Because the Rockets were expected to choose Yao as the top pick overall that day, about a third of the 3000 partygoers were Asian, Iverson said.
The bar ended up selling all the Yanjing that Harbrew had available, and Iverson later got a call from a Rockets executive who had seen the success of Yanjing beer and wanted to partner with Harbrew.
Although Yao's advisers have said that the player does not drink and therefore would not endorse alcoholic products, Harbrew now has courtside ads at the Compaq Centre in Houston promoting Yanjing in English and Chinese, and the beer is sold at the place during basketball games.
Dorfman and Bob Williams, chief executive of Burns Sports & Celebrities, an Illinois company that tracks entertainment marketing, said the only way Yao's off-court deals will improve is whether his court play does, too.
60. The underlined sentence "All of a sudden, he's all over the place" means"____".
A.He became famous in a short while
B.His figure can be seen everywhere very quickly
C.He flies here and there in the USA
D.He succeeded out of the expectation of others
61. Ric Iverson gave several cases of China's Yanjing beer to those attending the party, because he ____.
A.admired Yao Ming too much
B.was friendly with the Rockets
C.expected to earn more money          
D.found it hard to ship Yanjing beer
62. The author took Ric Iverson as an example to show ____.
A.he is fairly successful in his career
B.the NBA player pick is of great importance in American life
C.Yanjing beer agrees with the Americans
D.Yao Ming's presence has indirectly benefited some companies
63. The writer wants to tell us Yao Ming ____.
A.is well received in the USA
B.takes up ads
C.becomes a hit in ads
D.shows more interest In ads rather than basketball
Criticism is judgement.
A critic is a judge.
A judge must study and think about the material presented to him, accept it, correct it or reject it after thinking over what he has read, watched or heard.
That sort of critical reading might well be called creative reading because I am thinking along with the writer, asking him questions, seeing whether he answers the questions and how well In-answers them.
I mark the good passages to store them in my memory and ask myself about every other part and about the complete piece of writing where, how and why I could or should improve upon it.
Don’t believe those who say that bad reading cannot hurt a person.
How do they know what will hurt others?
Wouldn't you rather believe the experience of the aged that say, "A man is what he has read" and "our reading and studies carry over into our lives"?
Let's get back to the beneficial effects of thinking while reading.
It helps us to enlarge our minds.
We understand more about the universe, its people and many of its wonders.
We learn to think and observe in new ways.
We certainly do get a feeling for the language we are reading.
All good writers in any language have been readers who read critically and creatively and continuously.
Reading critically also helps me to develop and refine my emotions to the point where I can tell whether a report, a story or a poem is genuinely humane(高雅的) or not- whether the writer is an honest writer.
Finally, reading will and must broaden my sympathies, expand my love for others and set it in action.
How can a person who has a bit of kindness in his heart read about all the miseries and tragedies that people and nations have and not want to do and actually do what he can to relieve those people in every way he can and as much as he can?
64. By creative reading the writer means ____.
A.raising questions and answering them for the author
B.reading and giving comments on the materials one has read
C.thinking in the same line with the author
D.storing up facts in one's memory
65. According to the writer, critical reading____.
A.makes a person intelligent             
B.makes a person rich
C.enables a person to write fluently      
D.gives a person extra work
66. We learn from the passage that all good authors ____.
A.have a thorough insight to the problems in life
B.observe and imitate the ways other authors write
C.have the feeling of the language they write in
D.have read extensively and critically
67. According to the last paragraph, reading makes a person____.
B.sensitive to the feelings of others
C.sympathetic to the miseries of his fellow-men
D.a good writer
Recently I was asked, "Are we anywhere near the day when you can climb into a car on Long Island, program it to take you to your niece's house in Chicago, hit enter, and after the first hundred yards, once you hit a main road, the car takes over automatically and you just sit back and enjoy the ride?"
It is a question I worry about. But I had to answer truthfully, "Absolutely. We are without a doubt near that day. " Look, we're already doing it with airplanes.
Northrop Grumman's Global Hawk takes off at an air base in the US, climbs to 50,000 feet, flies to Australia, and lands at an Australian air base, where there is a grandstand filled with military officials,-with no human pilot.
The necessary technology is already here. We have radar technology that can be tied to cruise (巡航) control and brakes, which automatically adjusts (调整) your speed based on following distance and preprogrammed settings.
It's still a little bit raw, but it does work great.
The technology can allow cars and trucks to follow each other in very closely spaced roads.
GPS can also change speed with location. Let's say you're in a state, with a 75-mph limit and you cross into a state with a 65-mph limit. GPS knows that and. can adjust your speed accordingly.
It's not out of the question to imagine that someday soon you'll be able to start the car, make proper settings, then turn the front seats around and play cards and eat lunch as if you're riding on a train.
All in perfect comfort and safety, all the way to that niece's place in Chicago.
If asked to estimate (估计) just how far time is, I'd say a working system is ten years out, practice maybe 20 years.
68. The purpose of the question asked in the first paragraph probably is _____.
A.to draw readers' attention to his theory
B.to introduce the topic to be discussed in the passage
C.to describe the cars in the future
D.to prove that his idea is right
69. What's the key technology to automatical car driving according to the passage?
A.The technology of airplanes.
B.The technology to be developed in the future.
C.The technology of satellites.
D.The technology of radar and GPS.
70. Wha1 docs the author think of the change in car driving?
A.It's a terrible thing to come.
B.It's a wonder to drive such a car.
C.It's a pity to give up the skill of driving.
D.It is very likely to come true in the future.
71. Which of the following may be the best title for this passage?
A.Driving is dead?
B.Comfortable car driving
C.Will new technology change cars?      
D.Cars in (lie fill lire
Lacking a cure for AIDS, society must offer education, not only by public pronouncement but in classrooms.
Those with AIDS or those at high risk of AIDS suffer discrimination; they are feared by some people who find living itself unsafe, while others make themselves pretend to be “brave”, which could be dangerous to their lives, AIDS has afflicted a society already short on humanism, open-handedness and optimism.
Attempts'to strike it out with the deadly disease are not abetted(教唆) by pre-existing social ills.
Such concerns made me offer the first university level undergraduate AIDS course, with its two aims;
To address the fact that AIDS is caused by a virus(病毒), not by moral failure or social collapse.
The proper response to AIDS is sympathy coupled with an understanding of the disease itself.
We want to help the growth of the idea of a humane(人文的) society.
To describe how AIDS tests institutions upon which our society rests.
The economy, the political system, science, the legal corporation, the media and our moral attitudes must respond to the disease.
Those responses, whispered or screamed, easily accepted or highly argued, must be put in order if the nation is to manage AIDS.
Experts have suggested that how a society deals with the harm of AIDS describes the extent to which that society has the right to call itself civilized.
AIDS may bring out changes of historic relationship.
Democracy(民主) gets its educational system to prepare students to become informed citizens, to join their voices to the public opinion inspired by AIDS.
Who shall direct just what resources of manpower and money to the problem of AIDS?
Even more basic, who shall make a national policy on AIDS?
The educational challenge, then, is to enlighten the individual and societal, or public, responses to AIDS.
72. What is the passage mainly about?
A.The necessity of the education about AIDS.
B.How to achieve the aims of AIDS.
C.The danger resulted from AIDS.
D.Social responses to AIDS.
73. Why did the author offer the AIDS course?
A.He wanted to teach people about a cure for AIDS.
B.People needed to be taught how to avoid those with AIDS.
C.He wanted to teach the students that AIDS resulted from moral failure or social collapse.
D.People took wrong attitudes towards AIDS and those with or at high risk of AIDS.
74. The underlined word "afflicted" means "___"
B.caused suffering to
C.drew attention from
D.reached a conclusion on
75. What does the author think is the correct response to AIDS?
A.Fear and hatred.
B.Pretending to be brave.
C.Uunderstanding and helpful.
D.Avoiding getting in touch.
25.A[分析]此题考查固定搭配,every few minutes是“每隔几分钟”的意思。
28.B[分析]此题考查动词短语。carry out“完成,实现”。figure out“合计为,计算出”。Take Out“拿出,取出”。turn out“出席;到场;生产;出产”。
31.B[分析]此题考查介词短语。other than“除了……,除……之外”。
32.C[分析]此题考查动词的非谓语形式。“have sb.do sth.”让某人做某事。
34.A[分析]此题考查句法。祁使句和 and连用相当于条件状语从句的用法。If you prepare for the worst In advance,you won’t be disappointed.
39.A[分析]throw out“扔掉,说出”。give away“分发,放弃,泄露”。make up“弥补,虚构”。lead  to“导致,通向”。文章中指出本意是担心司机疲劳驾驶,所以才没话找话,随便一说而已。
50.D[分析]take pride in“以……为傲”。
52.A[分析] “不以物喜,不以己悲”。这句话中 joy和 grieve对应,gains和 setbacks对应。
56.A[分析]根据第一段 Our task is to teach basic skills and help learners to get more knowledge to function effectively as a family member,citizen,worker,and lifelong learner In a changing world.即可找到答案。
57.C[分析]根据第三段 Students who are 16 or 17 must first obtain an official release from high school before attending class.
58.A[分析]根据最后一段第一句话 Students will also have their reading,writing,and math abilities assessed during the Education Planning Session.即可找到答案。
61.C[分析]此题考查推理判断。根据第五段和第六段的描述,Ric Iverson 通过这次活动,获得了更多的商机。
74.B[分析]此题考查猪调能力。根据后一句对艾滋病的定义,the deadly disease可以判断艾滋病对社会的影响。


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