乐山沫若中学 高2012级1班
21. China first-ever Fl race has proved ______ great success. It provides ______ platform for Chinese companies to connect with the international market.
A.a;a B./;a C./;the D.the;the
22. Rescuers are still searching for the other 19 missing miners, ______ survival chances are slim.
A.who B.which C.whom D.whose
23. AIDS is said ______ the number-one killer over the past few years in this area.
A.that is B.to be C.to have been D.whose
24. -How much of his speech did you think you understood?
-______. I wish 1 had worked harder.
A.Not a little B.Very few C.Nearly everything D.Almost nothing
25. Reports showed that it was not the first time this state-owned firm____ serious accidents.
A.has happened B.had happened C.has experienced D.had experienced
26. This is an illness that can result in total blindness ______ left untreated.
A.if B.after C.since D.because
27. They had a pleasant chat ______ a cup of coffee.
A.for B.with C.during D.over
28. People think a great ______ of writers, who ______ written a lot of excellent works.
A.deal;have B.deal;has C.number;have D.number;has
29. I tried to call on you last week, but your dog simply not let me come through the gate.
A.could B.would C.will D.can
30. -The novel isn't easy for Xiao Wang to read,is it?
-______ His foreign language is far better than expected.
A.No, it isn't. B.I'm afraid not. C.I don't think so. D.Yes, it is.
31. So badly______ in the car accident that he had to stay in hospital for several weeks.
A.did he injure B.he injure C.was he injured D.he was injured
32. Being able to. speak another language fluently is a great____ when you look for a job.
A.honor B.advantage C.chance D.pleasure
33. -How do Canadians like to be called?
-Most of them don't object___ them by their first names.
A.that you call B.for calling C.to you calling D.to call
34. After______ seemed an endless wait. it was her turn lo enter the personnel manager's office.
A.that B.which C.what D.it
35. Mr While works in an import & export company, but he ____ for this industrial fair, since he is on leave.
A.has worked B.works C.has been working D.is working
I met this guy who told me an amazing story.
He was_36 Scotland on a motorbike by himself.
One late afternoon he was on the road between Aberdeen and Elgin.
He was traveling along, mile from any village, when he saw a really_37 girl standing by the road, hitchhiking(搭车).
Anyway, he stopped and said he would give her a_38 to Elgin.
She got and drove off.
He said he_39 having her on the back, as it was nice_40.
But after a time he forgot that she was there.
Suddenly he_41 but he realized that he couldn't feel her knees_42 against him!
He _43 behind him but…she wasn't there.
He said he felt frightened_44 his life!
He felt cold all over.
He thought she must have_45 off the back.
So he turned round and_46 back along the road.
He didn't find her.
He went to see if she had crawled(爬) into a field or something.
But he didn't find her.
So he began to think that she might have been_47 by someone else.
Anyway, he drove on towards Elgin and didn't see anyont_48 he came to a pub.
He decided to_49 so that he could talk to someone and he thought he ought to tell_50.
He went into the pub and talked to the barman.
He told the barman what had happened.
He said the barman didn't seem to be at all_51. He just carried on_52 the glasses.
Then the barman said," You're not the_53 person to come in here and tell the same 54   That girl you think you picked up_55seven years ago" "in a motorbike accident. "
36.A.touring B.searching C.defending D.circling
37.A.poor B.attractive C.tall D.terrible
38.A. help B.lift C.service D.trip
39.A.chose B.came C.meant D.liked
40.A.business B.event C.company D.action
41.A.thought B.considered C.remembered D.called
42.A.pressing B.turning C.going D.running
43.A.looked B.took C.felt D.seized
44.A.out of B.in case of C.in place of D.to the best of
45.A.jumped B.kept C.kicked D.fallen
46.A.raced B.walked C.got D.watched
47.A.picked up B.searched for C.taken away D.brought back
48.A.when B.until C.although D.since
49.A.wait B.enter C.stop D.march
50.A.someone B.nobody C.the father D.the police
51.A.worried B.surprised C.moving D.satisfied
52.A.breaking B.waving C.knocking D.drying
53.A.first B.last C.right D.honest
54.A.story B.message C.lie D.truth
55.A.was saved B.ran away C.died D.left第三部分:阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)
Why are so many people so afraid of failure?
Quite simply because no one tell us how to fail so that failure becomes an experience that will lead to growth.
We forget that failure is part of the human condition and that every person has the -right to fail.
Most parents work hard at either preventing failure or protecting their children from the knowledge that they have failed.
One way is to lower standard. A mother describes her child's hurriedly-made table as " perfect I" even though it couldn't stand on uneven ( = not same in height) legs. Another way is to shift(转移) blame.
If John fails in science, his teacher is unfair or stupid.
The trouble with failure-prevention methods is that they leave a child unequipped (=unready) for life in the real world.
The young need to learn that no one can be best at everything, no one can win all the time-and that it's possible to enjoy a game when you don't win.
A child who's not invited to a birthday party, who doesn't make the honor roll or the baseball team feels terrible, of course.
But parents should not offer a quick comfort prize or say, "it doesn't matter" because it does.
The young should be allowed to experience disappointment-and be helped to master it.
Failure is never pleasurable.
It hurts grown-ups and children exactly alike.
But it can make a positive contribution to your life once you learn to use it.
Step one is to ask" Why did you fail?" Control the natural impulse (冲动) to blame someone else.
Ask yourself what you did wrong, how you can improve.
If someone else can help, don't be shy about asking them.
56. This passage mainly tells us about ______.
A.the reasons why people fail
B.how to fail
C.the ways to prevent failures
D.the importance of facing failures
57. When the writer says" everyone has the right to tail", he means to say______.
A.the world is full of failures
B.no one is perfect
C.failures are quite common in our lives
D.no one can grow up mentally without failures
58. By"protecting their children from the knowledge that they have failed", the writer means that most parents try their best ______.
A.to let their children know that they won't fail
B.not to teach their children about knowledge against failure
C.to provide their children for the knowledge against failure
D.to keep their children from realizing that they failed
59. According to the writer _____.
A.parents should tell their children to think nothing of not being chosen into a football team
B.children should be encouraged to get rid of disappointment all by themselves
C.parents should judge what their children have done as it is
D.children should learn to enjoy a game that they won't win
Ida Tarbell was one of the first investigative(调查性的) reporters.
She and oilier journalists wrote about the political, economic, and social wrongs in the early 1900's.
President Theodore Roosevelt gave these writers the name "muckraker".
Ida Tarbell accepted the title as a mark of honor, for she thoroughly researched her subjects and carefully documented (用文件证明) her findings.
Alter graduating form Allegheny College, Ida Tarbell became head of a private school-where she also taught eight subjects.
When her contract expired (期满), she began writing magazine and newspaper articles and books.
She wrote biographies(传记) of Manon Roland (a leader of the French Revolution), Napleon Bonaparte, and Abraham Lincoln.
Her most famous work, however, was The History of the Standard Oil Company, an expose of the corrupt(腐化的) business practice of the oil industry.
When she began investigating the Standard Oil Company, she expected that her findings would fill about three articles.
The first installment(分期连载报道) appeared in McChure's Magazine in November 1902.
By the time she had finished her investigation, she had written eighteen installments, the last of which appeared in October 1904.
The aricles were later combined into a two-volume book of 554 pages.
Her research was thorough and her information accurate.
She exposed the company's power and the corrupt practice it followed to achieve that power.
Because of her findings, the movement to end the powerful monopolies (垄断) was greatly strenghthened.
In 1911, the Supreme Court of the United States won its case to break the Standard Oil Company monopoly.
60. Judging from the context, the original meaning of the term" muckraker" (Line 3, Pare. 1) is"______".
A.a reporter who writes about polics, economy, and social life
B.a reporter who searches out and tell unpleasant stories
C.a reporter who writes about biographies of famous people
D.a reporter who is eagerly engaged in some research subjects
61. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
A.Ida Tarbell's education and works.
B.Ida Tarbell's family life.
C.Ida Tarbell's investigaion of a big oil company.
D.Ida Tarbell's teaching experience.
62. "When her contract expired" ( Line 2, Para. 2) can best be replaced by"______".
A.When she began her new job
B.When she finished her education
C.When she was asked to write about something
D.When her job at the school came to an end
63. It can be inferred from the passage that it was due to ______ that led to the final breakdown of the Standard Oil Company monopoly.
A.the Supreme Court of the United States
B.the movement to end the powerful monopolies
C.Ida Tarbell's thorough investigation
D.an economic crisis
Like many of my generation. I have a weakness for hero worship.
At some point, however, we all begin to question our heroes and our need for them. This lead us to ask: What is a hero?
Despite immense differences in cultures, heroes around the world generally share a number of characteristics that instruct and inspire people.
A hero does something worth talking about. A hero has a story of adventure to tell and a community who will listen.
But a hero goes beyond mere fame.
Heroes serve powers or principles larger than themselves.
Like high-voltage transformers, heroes take the energy of higher powers and step it down so that it can be used by ordinary people.
The hero lives a life worthy of imitation.
Those who imitate a genuine hero experience life with new depth, enthusiasm, and meaning.
A sure test for would-be heroes is what or whom do they serve?
What arc they willing to live and die for ? If the answer or evidence suggests they serve only their own fame.
they may be famous persons but not heroes.
Madonna and Michael Jackson are famous, but who would claim that their tans find life more abundant?
Heroes are catalysts (催化剂) for change.
They have a vision from the mounlaintop.
They have the skill and the charm to move the masses.
They create new possibilites.
Without Gandhi, India might still be part of the British Empire.
Without Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. we might still have segregated (隔离的) buses, restaurants, and parks.
It may be possible for large-scale change to occur without leaders with magnetic personalities, but the pace of change would be slow, the vision uncertain, and the committee meetings endless.
64. Although heroes may come form different cultures, they______.
A.generally possess certain inspiring characteristics
B.probable share some weaknesses of ordinary people
C.are often influenced by previous generations
D.all unknowingly attract a large number of fans
65. According to the passage , heroes are compared to high-voltage transformers in that____.
A.they have a vision from the mountaintop
B.they have warm feelings and emotions
C.they call serve as concrete examples of noble principles
D.they can make people feel stronger and more confident
66. Madonna and Michael Jackson an not considered heroes because
A.they arc popular only among certain groups of people
B.their performances do not improve their fans morally
C.their primary concern is their own financial interests
D.they are not clear about tlie principles they should follow
67. Gandhi and Martin Luther King are typical examples of outstanding leaders who___.
A.are good at demonstrating their charming characters
B.can move the masses with their forceful speeches
C.are capable of meeting all challenges and hardship
D.can provide an answer to the problems of their people
68. The author concludes that historical changes would ______.
A.be delayed without leaders with inspiring personal qualities
B.not happen without heroes making the necessary, sacrifices
C.take place if there were heroes to lead the people
D.produce leaders with attractive personalities
Some people argue that the pressures on international sportsmen and sportswomen kill the essence (本质) of sports-seeking for personal excellence.
Children kick a football around for fun.
When they get older and play for local school teams, they become competitive but they still enjoy playing.
A single person's representing his country cannot afford to think about enjoying himself; he has to think only about winning. He is responsible for an entire nation's hopes, dreams and fame.
A good example is the football World Cup.
Football is the world's most important sport.
It is even more important now that the United States is seriously taking it up.
Winning the World Cup is perhaps the greatest of international sporting success. Mention" Argentina" to someone and the chances are that he'll think of football.
In a sense, winning the World Cup put Argentina on the map.
Sports fans and supporters get quite irrational (非理性的) about the World Cup. People in England felt that their country was somehow important after they won in 1966.
Last year thousands of Scots sold their cars, and even-their houses and spent all their money travelling to Argentina where the finals were played.
So I'm arguing that international competition kills the idea of sports? Certainly not. Do the Argentinas really believe that because eleven of their-men proved the most skillful at football, their nation is in every way better than all others?
Not really.
But it' s known that you won, and that in one way at least your country is best.
69. Which is the writer's main purpose in the passage?
A.To explain the role of sport.
B.To compare Scotland with Argentina.
C.To show that Argentina is better than all others.
D.To prove that football is the world's most important event.
70. According to the passage, it a sportsman only thinks about winning, he will______.
A.be irrational     
B.be successful   
C.fail to succeed    
D.lose enjoyment
71. What is the writer's altitude towards international games?
A.Nations that meet on football are unlikely to meet on a battlefield.
B.Nations that win in international games prove best on the sports field at least.
C.Nations that win the football World Cup are considered best in all ways.
D.Nations that give much attention to international competitions are world-famous in many ways.
He was a funny looking man with a cheerful face, good natured and a great talker.
He was described by his student, the great philosopher Plato, as "the best and most just and wisest man."
Yet, this same man was condemned to death for his belief.
The man was the Greek philosopher, Socrates, and he was condemned for not believing in the recognized gods and for corrupting young people.
The second charge stemmed from his association with numerous young men who came to Athens from all over the civilized world to study tinder him.
Socrates method of teaching was to ask questions and, by pretending not to know the an swers, to press his students into thinking for themselves.
His teaching had unsurpassed influence on all the great Greek and Roman schools of philosohy.
Yet, for all his fame and influence, Socrates himself never wrote a word.
Socrates encouraged new ideas and free thinking in the young, and this was frightening to the conservative people.
They wanted him silenced.
Yes, many were probably surprised that he accepted death so readily.
Socrates had the right to ask for lesser (较小的) penalty, and lie probably could have won over enough of the people to submit to the death sentence.
So, he calmly accepted his fate and drank a cup of poison hemlock in the presence of his grief-stricken friends and students.
72. Socrates was condemned to death because he_____ .
A.believed in law
B.was a philosopher
C.published outspoken philosophical articles
D.advocated original opinions
73. The word unsurpassed in the third paragraph is close in meaning to____.
74. By metioning that Socrates himself never wrote anything, the write implies that___
A.it was surprising that Socrtes was so famous.
B.Socrates was not so learned as he is reputed to have been.
C.Socrates used the work of his students in teaching.
D.the authorities refused to publish Socrates’ works.
75. Socrates accepted the death penalty to show___.
A.his belief in his students
B.his contempt for conservatives
C.his recognition of the legal system
D.that he was not afraid of death
I bought my wife a recorder for her birthday present. 76. ___
At the party, she suggested that I unpack it opened and 77. ___
put on some records. I set it up and it refused to work, 78.___
so I decided I would try to fix. Soon a crowd 79.___
gather to watch me, and I could hear all sorts of 80. ___
helpful suggestions. All of sudden f realized the 81. ___
problem and I felt very stupidly-I had not plugged 82. ___
it in, but now I had to wait until nobody was not looking. 83. ___
Before the music started, I heard someone say 84. ___
to my wife, "your husband's a genius! He fixed it!" 85. ___
23.C[分析]over the past few years是一段时间,要用完成时态。
24.D[分析]almost nothing指几乎听不懂。
26 A[分析]if引导的是条件从句。
28.A[分析]think a great deal of指高度评价……。
33.C[分析]object to doing反对做某事。
35.D[分析]be working也可以表示很快就要实现的将来时态。
38.B[分析]give sb. a lift搭便车。
44.A[分析]feel frightened out of his life吓得魂飞魄散。
45.D[分析]fall off 摔下来,掉下来。
46.C[分析]get back回去。
47.A[分析]pick sb. up接某人。
54.A[分析]story文章第一句就说了这是一个amazing story。
55.C[分析]只有died才能说明这是一个amazing story。
62.C[分析]contract expired是指合同期满。
67.D[分析]Gandhi和 Martin Luther King他们之所以是杰出的领导人是因为他们解决了人民的困难。
72.D[分析]第一段最后一句说Socrates “was condemned to death for his belief”。


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